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Indeed facebook has made an api change that changes the way the oembed protocol is supported . If you haven’t made any changes yet, you are no longer able to add facebook and instagram posts as you did before. Today, i present to you 3 solutions to re-embed facebook and instagram content in your wordpress site: smash balloon, jetpack, oembed plus. If you are already aware of this subject but this post seems too technical, i invite you to communicate it to the department or person concerned in your company. Instagram oembed endpoints oembed is an open protocol that allows you to embed the content of a website a in a site b, by copying and pasting a url . It thus simplifies the integration of third-party content (video, text, image, etc.), without using the html code of the site hosting the media.

Changing Facebook and

Continue embedding third-party content into your wordpress site with the oembed protocol, you now need to authenticate through a complex process. Thus, facebook requests in particular the creation of a facebook application . Why did facebook change their api for the oembed facebook Cambodia Phone Number List and instagram endpoints? Grow your business on instagram learn how to create a successful instagram account, build an editorial strategy adapted to your objectives, publish engaging publications, and increase the number of your subscribers. I’m not sure. But, i would lean for security related reasons when i read this part of the documentation on the instagram and facebook oembed: oembed-facebook-instagram-security facebook and instagram smash balloon is a company that develops extensions allowing the integration of social media with a wordpress site.

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Smash Balloon oEmbed

I became a customer of the youtube extension several months ago when smash balloon was acquired by awesome motive (optinmonster, wp beginner smash balloon offers two extensions for facebook and instagram: smash balloon social post feed and smash balloon social DP Leads photo feed . These extensions allow you, among other things, to integrate your facebook and instagram publications. How ? After installing and activating the desired extension , head to the facebook feed (or instagram feed) extension tab in your admin panel. In the oembeds sub-tab , click the connect to facebook / instagram and enable oembeds button . Smash-balloon-facebook-feed-oembed log in to facebook via the secure login window. And that’s all ! You can now embed facebook or instagram content (depending on the extension installed) in a post. To install the 2nd extension , go through the tab of the first activated extension .

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