Under the Tide, the Organizational

The entire industry market is the process of IaaS/PaaS/DaaS/TaaS/AaaS/MaaS service layers guide by giants plus the continuous penetration of small and medium-size enterprises into other industries at the application layer. The market is constantly being divide and refine. Big data/cloud computing/artificial intelligence are intertwine and integrate. There are fewer and fewer opportunities for a needle to pierce the sky. The implementation of AI products, innovation in vertical fields, and AI organizational changes will be the next hot spots. Popularization of AI (Data Intelligence) Technology The development of technology has its own laws, showing different states at different stages, and the key issues of development are also different. In the emerging stage of technology, the progress of technology itself is the key to development.


At this time, scientific research institutions, universities or internal research institutes of large enterprises often begin to conduct research on cutting-edge technologies. For example, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Big Data Laboratory, Ali Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Shanghai Big Data Alliance, etc. When a major technological breakthrough occurs, such as the key technological breakthrough of AI, couple with the sufficient data and computing power provide by big data and cloud computing technology, AI quickly attracts people’s attention. In 2015, Alpha Go has performe amazingly like a tinder, the entire industry market has begun to have a prairie prairie trend, and venture capital and technology media have begun to pay attention. With that comes a slew of tech communities, tech evangelists (technical training, etc.) and AI startups. It was like the gold rush at the time, startups were the gold diggers, and tech evangelists were the ferrymen.


At this stage, AI technicians are the most sought-after. At this time, vertical training companies in the AI ​​field, such as July Online, are also booming. The platforms for data science competitions, Kaggle, Alibaba Tianchi Big Data, and Datacastle also attract many technical talents. When the popularization of technology reaches a certain level, it becomes the key to solve practical problems whether the technology can truly be implemente. At this time, we need a group of AI product managers who have a keen market demand and can implement the technology. The technology has begun to penetrate into all walks of life, and the application of vertical segmentation has begun to develop rapidly. Applications in various fields, such as e-commerce sales, advertising recommendation systems, and intelligent medical care, have produce a large number of AI startups.

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