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It is a text more typography and can be timidly accompanie by some decorative element. Monogram: it is when we create a distinctive sign through some initials or loose letters that combine graphically form a symbol. Isotype or brand image: the characteristic symbol of a brand. By itself it has full identification strength, without the need for a name, text, etc. It is the visual essence of the brand. For example, the crane of our brand that represents justice in the Eastern world. Combine brand : this is when the brand is a text-symbol combination.

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Emblem: they are drawings that usually contain a lot of detail and are intende to represent an idea, a concept, a fact. Choose and design one of these distinctive signs that is consistent with your brand. We chose the crane as the isotype because it Argentina Phone Number List allows many possibilities when creating infographics, videos, content, etc. This image can be enlarge or reduce and can always be seen properly. C) And carry out branding? Is it good for your firm’s brand image? Branding is much more than a logo or a meaning. It is the set of ideas that you are capable of transmitting outwards and the emotional and psychological bond that these ideas establish with your receptors and their values. Said like this it sounds very abstract, but it is much simpler than it seems.

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It is what you transmit and every time they see the distinctive sign of your company, people will have a feeling towards that product or service. It is the ability of your brand to transmit a series of values ​​and meanings on its own. If everything works wonderfully, with a personal, adequate and correct treatment of customers, you solve their problems, they like your website, the content you create, etc. you will awaken those good feelings towards all the people who see your badge. When you do branding , everything you do affects your company. Even the way you eat with your colleagues, personal hygiene, how you shake hands, your personality, if you call or just send WhatsApp, etc.

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