How Do You Envision the Future of Community Management

The democratization of CM could imply that companies understand the stakes of a presence on social media, or simply of surveillance. However, bad practices will persist as long as there is no change in mentalities within the hierarchies of these companies. When you say to a trainee CM “  well you spend a lot of time on Facebook, I would like more fans than my competitor by Tuesday otherwise I will send you back to the faculty  ”, inevitably there is a problem. The CM has become more than democratized, and it is in my opinion a great drama, it has become sacred, to such an extent that it becomes grotesque.

Draped in the cloak of dignity, or on the

The future of community management will undoubtedly go through uses. This implies New Zealand Phone Number List knowing how Internet users will appropriate new technologies, or new platforms, and how the company will evolve in consideration. In this sense, I think that the profession of community manager will inexorably break down, collapse in order to better develop, structure itself or even segment itself according to specificities: a CM cannot do everything. The future is something intangible, because it requires understanding.

Intention of Bringing About or Preventing

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The tools of tomorrow to know who will be able to use them. For example, at the moment, there is. A lot of talk about the notion of data, from their extraction to their interpretation. Will the CM of tomorrow have to have a scientific background. The future of the CM, I hope, will be less haloed by this kind of almost. Religious fervor because the social. Web already depresses me, but if in addition we have to continue to suffer from that. We are not spoiled. What’s more, if you say it in a “normal” way, with arguments. You pass for the service troll even if everything is justified. Satire was therefore an interesting approach to express unease while not falling into a kind of fanciful “vendetta”, because it is not revenge, hatred, but a disgust, a fed up . As Wikipedia defines:

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