App in Trouble? ! Make Spain Cell Phone Number Your Product Gamified

As a typical representative of Internet products, App has grown and develope by leaps and bounds since 2009. A large number of mobile APPs emerge one after another. Affecting and serving people’s work, life and study from various aspects. In recent years, mobile Internet entrepreneurship has been centere around the development, promotion  Spain Cell Phone Number and operation of an app. Although the appearance of small programs once made everyone shout that the good days of apps are over. The app has its powerful native functions  Spain Cell Phone Numberand practicality. Sex is still favore by many entrepreneurs and users. And now apps meet the needs of users from all walks of life, and there are dozens or even hundres of similar apps competing at the same time in one field. Share bicycles, etc., these apps have a common feature that they are just neede and solve the most important things in people’s lives.

As a Typical  Spain Cell Phone Number Representative.

For example, Didi and share bicycles solve the travel problem of users, e-commerce products such as take-out and group purchase solve the problem of people’s eating and playing. And news information solves the need for information. Therefore, these are the needs that people will definitely have, and the fields in which these rigid  Spain Cell Phone Number needs are locate have basically been occupie by the giants represente by BAT. Later entrepreneurs need to be outside these fields, that is. The verticals that the giants do not pay much attention to. Domain  Spain Cell Phone Number cut. For example, many tool products, game products, etc. are the fields that many latecomers focus on starting businesses. However. Since the development of the app, the fields that should be discovere by everyone have been discovere. Therefore, the current apps are facing difficulties. The current apps are facing the following dilemmas .

For Example, Didi  Spain Cell Phone Number and Share.

 Spain Cell Phone Number
Spain Cell Phone Number

Traffic problem Last year, Luo Zhenyu mentione the word “total national time”, which roughly means that the current mobile Internet dividend has passe, the growth rate of Internet users has slowe down, and users can spend so much time on the app, but the app has Incessantly skyrocketing, the user’s same time is divide into more apps. So  Spain Cell Phone Number the user’s stay time in each app is shortene. The most obvious is that the open rate of the official account is getting lower and lower. Therefore, the problem that every entrepreneur will face is the lack of traffic, especially if you enter a field where there are already many competing products, if your  Spain Cell Phone Number team just imitates the opponent and makes an app, then the chance of survival is almost zero , because the first comer has the advantage of user cognition and time, it is difficult to make a breakthrough. 2.

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