13th salary what it is how to calculate it and

Families to help with the budget. However, it can be a challenge for hr and dp to understand the rules of this gratification. That employees are entitled to. Therefore, here you will understand more about what it is, how to calculate it. Stay with me and understand all this. Come on! What is the 13th salary. The 13th salary is one month of pay more than every worker in the clt. Regime is entitled to at the end of the year. However, whoever has less than 12 months in the company will receive the thirteenth proportional to the period worked. This is a very old right of workers, it has existed since the 60’s. In fact, this right is also called christmas bonus , as it is paid in december. By the way, i say paid off. Because companies can split the payment in two installments.

What law provides for the

Thus the first installment can be paid at any time from. The month of february. Meanwhile the second installment must be paid by december 20th. Who is entitled to the 13th salary. All workers hired under the Indonesia Phone Number List clt regime are entitled to the 13th salary. This includes those: rural workers domestic servants; salaried and self-employed workers; employees dismissed without just. Cause are also entitled to receive the proportional thirteenth of that year. In addition, inss pensioners and retirees also receive 13th salary. In this case, it is the government itself that pays this benefit. Therefore, in this turbulent period of 2020 and 2021, one can anticipate the thirteenth of pensioners and retirees – which is always paid at the end of the year, in normal times. The 2021 budget is not closed at the time of writing the article.

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How to calculate 13th salary

Photo by freepik payment of this amount As i said. The 13th salary is an old benefit, from the 60’s. The law that instituted the thirteenth salary DP Leads was law n. sanctioned by president joão goulart. By law, the name of the benefit is christmas bonus. However, as it was an extra salary at the end of the year, it became popularly known as the 13th salary. In any case, the law determines the following: art. Correspond to 112 of the due in december.

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