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What is the amount of the foreigner’s fee? As we mentione before, the 792-012 fee is paid for different procedures. However, the amount for each of them will depend on which one you want to do. To be more certain of the amount, the citizen should go to the nearest National Police headquarters. In this place he will be given the details that he needs to know, according to his procedure. The amounts are group as follows: Initial procedures: these involve all those carrie out by a foreigner to live legally in Spain. Such as work, study or roots. Renewal of temporary work, study and residence permits.

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Long-term residence. Community family residence. Certificate of the European Union (EU). Depending on the procedure require, the citizen must consult the police and pay the amount. But, before paying the tax, he must fill out and download a model Malta Phone Number List on the National Police website. Private International Law: Applications that start an immigration file in SpainDIPrivado: Applications that start an immigration file in Spain Financial and Tax Law Course 2: Direct Taxation (UNED)Financial and Tax Law Course 2: Direct Taxation (UNED) What is a Legal Audit and what is it for.

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What is Legal Due Diligence?What is a Legal Audit and what is it for? What is Legal Due Diligence? Fill in and download the form To pay the fee and comply with any of the procedures explaine above, the foreigner must first fill out form 790-012 shown by the police on their website. After that, download it. This procedure can only be done via the Internet. The person intereste in completing the process must follow the following instructions: Enter the web platform of the National Police. In the lower right part of the home portal you will see the Immigration option. The page will show the procedures, click on Form Rate Model 790 Code 012. Fill in the form.

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