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especially if you don’t include the information the buyer needs to make a purchase decision . Providing key details in your proposal is essential if you want the potential buyer to click “Add to Cart” and then complete the process with their personal data. How to work from a fair mean to achieve concise descriptions that do not end in long.

far-fetched and bombastic explanations but neither in pure digressions empty of commercial solidity? Next. Fuego Yámana presents 6 essential factors so that you cover all the details properly and can provide all the information you want to those customers who need it at the time of making their purchase. 1. Encourage yourself to use emotional language Emotional Marketing has immeasurable scope on conversion optimization .

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According to research on the psychology of advertising. the emotional response to empathetic content has a much greater influence on a consumer’s intent Jamaica phone number to purchase a product than traditional television commercials and print ads from the graphic press. . As we have already said in previous articles on the blog about empathy in Marketing .

consumers buy based on their emotional response. In fact. researchers at the Missouri University of Science and Technology argue that consumers’ emotional responses play an important role in predicting and measuring satisfaction intentions and behavior. Since emotions are so powerful. is it possible to influence them? Fortunately. yes. There is a wide variety of factors among which is.

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in addition to the perception of colors . the technical detail of the products . Emotional language is associated with feelings. so instead of using functional words. an emotional dynamism should be sought . How can your product description connect with emotions? Invoking the senses of touch. sight. taste. and smell are often highly resonant because they are powerfully connected to memory and experience .

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