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But when he came to the bread shelf, Xiao Wang stunned. There were so many types of bread, he didn’t know which one to choose. He bit the bullet and spent ten minutes choosing three types of bread, but he still didn’t know which one to choose. “It would be great if someone Fax Lists could recommend me at this time.” He thought silently in his heart. “It’s best if someone who has actually eaten it recommends it to me. The ones recommended by supermarket shopping guides often not delicious.” He muttered again in his heart. At this time, he thought of the advantages of buying things on Taobao: he can see user reviews, and he can make purchases based on reviews. But after all, this is offline, do you ask customers to get a message board and put it next to it?

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Obviously not realistic. In the end, Xiao Wang had no choice, so he bought two of the three breads and brought them home. When I got home, I took out one Fax Lists and tasted it, and it really wasn’t his favorite flavor. Through the above scenario descriptio. We found a core pain point. When users shop offline, they obtain information feedback like user evaluations that can be obtained when shopping online. And it is easy to fall into blindness. As Gustave Le Pen described in the book. “The Rabble” when he described the concept of group sex: “The group is susceptible to suggestion and gullibility, the unconscious state is ready to obey all suggestions”. The promotional pictures, slogans and advertisements on the products are all the time hinting and guiding consumers to buy. But today, when online shopping is very developed.

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Fax Lists
Fax Lists

Consumers believe more in the hints of KOLs and opinion leaders. And in shopping behavior, KOLs are those who have purchased. They are the most persuasive Fax Lists opinion leaders. So now, we design a solution based on this pain point. A reader in the last article thought my answer was too long to do in the exam context. This time I’m taking a more concise approach. My thought process: As the three parties involved in the scheme, a good closed loop is formed: Operating procedures Seed consumers: go to the supermarket to buy goods → WeChat payment → the merchant sends the product list to the user. The user evaluates (or selectively evaluates) each product on the mobile phone and sends it to the merchant.

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