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A good work-life balance has become an increasingly important theme in recent years. Remote working is an answer to this increasing problem. Especially the young generations find freedom and space very important. Gallup’s research shows Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List that 51 percent of employees are willing to change jobs if it gives them more flexibility in how they do work. In addition, it appears that 37 percent would like.

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If they could at least work remotely part-time. 4. It Boosts Confidence The system in which we work originated during the industrial revolution (late 19th century) and has a highly hierarchical structure. A hierarchical system excels at doing what you’ve always done and leading it tightly. It is important to note that the system is also based.

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The belief prevailed that employees were not motivated and that you. Therefore, have to monitor closely whether employees do their work properly. Although every manager will now indicate that he trusts his employees, the system in which they work is still based on distrust. Over the years, all sorts of pointless procedures have arisen from this system of mistrust and employees have to be held accountable.

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