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New SEO Tools Bing Webmaster Tools has three new options when it comes to SEO: URL Inspection Site Scan Tester Robots.txt With URL inspection you can test an individual URL. The tool shows, among other things, whether there are SEO problems Kenya WhatsApp Number List and whether the URL in question is being indexed. Site Scan checks.

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It provides warnings and advice for common problems such as missing meta titles and decriptions, 404 errors, and duplicate H1 tags. The only drawback is that you have to wait a while before the report is generated. The Robots.txt option shows if the Robots.txt file contains errors, such as links that cannot be indexed. Analyze other websites You can analyze not only your own website but also those of others.

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The ‘redirects’ report, you can see which websites link to your site and what anchor text they use. So you can do this not only with your own website but also with those of your competitors. If you’re planning to improve your external link building, this could be a good report to look at. You can immediately see on which websites competing companies in your industry have left a link. Improved navigation Many marketing tools are not user-friendly.

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