With The Advanced Free Shipping

Management module , PrestaShop gives you the tools to inflate your average basket thanks to the free delivery technique. 3. A large choice of delivery and payment methods Customers like to feel free. The more you offer them diversifie payment and delivery options, the more you will increase your chances of leading visitors to the end of their shopping journey. Therefore, consider multiplying the payment methods Bank card payment PayPal cash (on delivery). In terms of delivery, offer the home or the relay point. 4. The click to chat If you want the visitor not to leave your online store to go to a competing site, be available to answer all their questions. If his conversion is conditional on obtaining certain information, you must provide it to him.

The click to Chat is a dialogue box

Allowing the customer to exchange with an adviser. This commercial support is a reassuring solution for the visitor. It will help develop a relationship of trust between the customer and the brand. By using the PrestaShop On Line Chat module , you give your Brazil Mobile Number List customers the possibility of communicating with an advisor, thus increasing the chances of conversion by almost 50%. 5. Up-selling and cross-selling Also known as cross-selling and up-selling , both up-selling and cross-selling are business processes that can increase your customers’ average cart size. These two techniques indee encourage him to consume more or otherwise.

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When the visitor consults a product page

Adds a new item to his basket, your shop automatically offers him a similar product, but more high-end (up-selling) If your customer is tempt, the amount of his basket will increase a complementary product (cross-selling) Unlike up-selling which invites the DP Leads customer to abandon the product he was considering and opt for a more expensive product, cross-selling leads the consumer to buy an additional item. In order to increase your sales, PrestaShop offers you the Cross Selling On Cart module or the Medium Cart Booster module . 6. Bundles Bundles are exclusive benefits offere to customers who choose to buy in bulk. The two protagonists are winners the customer saves money you sell your stocks and you limit the number of shipments, since a large number of products are sent to a single person at one time. 7.

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