Wine E-commerce Is in Full Swing

In the first place, The advantage of a comprehensive platform is that it has a complete range of products. And the vertical e-commerce is characterize by a more refine approach. The consumer groups of the two types of e-commerce are different. In Morocco Cell Phone Number terms of standard products. Comprehensive e-commerce has obvious Morocco Cell Phone Number advantages; in the field of non-standard products, the value of vertical e-commerce is prominent. Therefore, in order to achieve a breakthrough in the war situation, vertical e-commerce Morocco Cell Phone Number companies have come up with the idea of ​​customizing wine. Recently, the alcohol vertical e-commerce market, which has been tepid in the e-commerce field, has suddenly become lively. Following the sudden announcement on April 24 that it intends to apply for termination of listing on the New Third Board.

The Advantage Morocco Cell Phone Number of a .

In a short period of time, the delisting of liquor e-commerce groups from the New Third. Board has cause a lot of discussion among people from all walks of life. As a mature business model, the development of e-commerce in recent Morocco Cell Phone Number years can be describe as bringing new changes to all walks of life. From the perspective of e-commerce such as maternal and infant e-commerce. Fresh food e-commerce, and apparel e-commerce. The  Morocco Cell Phone Numberroots of e-commerce have brought vitality to these industries. While fresh food merchants and mother and baby merchants are in trouble. Liquor merchants are Morocco Cell Phone Number in trouble. It is reporte that since the development of alcohol e-commerce, it has been in a state of loss. And the current situation of the wine e-commerce market is hard to say optimistic.

In a Short Period Morocco Cell Phone Number of Time.

Morocco Cell Phone Number
Morocco Cell Phone Number

The reason is that the products operate by liquor e-commerce basically come from the same suppliers. And they are all products that are commonly use in the market and lack differentiation. In addition, the status quo of distribution in Morocco Cell Phone Number the wine industry is basically as follows: few outlets. High cost, and imperfect Morocco Cell Phone Number after-sales service system, resulting in the inability of service quality to keep up. The second reason is that the growth rate of the demand for alcohol in the market has slowe Morocco Cell Phone Number down. Since the release of national policies such as the Eight Regulations, the Three Public Consumption Restrictions. The Prohibition of Drinking and Driving, and the Military Prohibition of Alcohol, etc., have had a significant impact on my country’s alcohol industry. People’s consumption of alcohol is gradually decreasing, and the growth.

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