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How to fill in model 790? The identification How to fill in model 790? The identification SECOND – Next, you must procee to fill in all the boxes corresponding to the IDENTIFICATION of the applicant: name, address, postal code, telephone THIRD .  When we get to the self-assessment section, we have to mark the type of certificate you are requesting with an . Logically we can request several certificates at the same time. How to fill in model 790.

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Self-assessment How to fill in model 790? Self-assessment In this section it is necessary to indicate if the certificate that we request we want to have effects abroad. If it is affirmative, the country must be indicate and if it is outside the EU, it must be apostille. In section B, they must be complete by the person whose criminal record is requeste. And Israel Phone Number List in section C, it must be taken into account that boxes 33 to 40 must be fille out for the request for the “death coverage insurance contract certificate” ; while box 41 is extremely important for the last wishes; where you must fill in the date of the will, notary and place of execution, accompani by the name of your spouse if know.

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FOURTH – Next, we go to the declarant and income section, where you have to write the place and the exact date of the presentation and; later, procee with the signing of the document. FIFTH – Finally, we have to request the form of payment. Model 790 code 012 This model 790 is issue by the National Police and can only be requeste through the Internet. You can consult this guide to fill in the model 790 code 012 . The purpose of this model is to manage the fees corresponding to the Immigration and Documentation Brigades. Model 790 code 026 This model 790, is use to apply for nationality to residents and descendants of Jews (serfadíes) originating in Spain. By completing this model, we will pay the administrative fees for this tax.

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