Why Is the Press Office Still Important ?

Depending on the characteristics of the media avoid shipping on friday. Weekend and monday morning the selection of media evaluate the theme of the communiqué and understand which media it fits best: news agencies. Tv. Radio. Economic and/or generalist newspapers and weeklies. Regional media. Blogs. Specialized media (information technologies. Human resources. Etc.) knowing the editorial position of the medium and the journalist. Knowing who writes what and what approach they can use keep journalists’ contacts up to date (name. Email. Phone. Role. Social media) avoid mass mailing of press releases (send everything to everyone).

Favoring contact with previously selected journalists after sending be fully available to complete the information sent and assist journalists with requests for contacts and clarifications avoid phoning journalists to confirm receipt of the press release. But instead carry out a follow-up that highlights the relevance of the information sent based on facts. Demonstrate full availability to send additional data. Clarify any doubts or start a conversation with the company. Via email. Phone or in person monitor results through clipping service the good acceptance of the press release largely depends on its title and summary.

The editorial position of medium

The information contained in each paragraph must stand alone. Not depending on the previous paragraph or the following use a simple style. With short sentences and CMO Email Lists objective words do not write in the first person. But in the third do not write advertising style organize the information according to the target media. Bringing the information provided closer to the editorial characteristics of the media the distribution of the press release when it’s time to send the press release to the media. You need to keep the following in mind: the moment evaluate the choice of disclosure moment.

Through an appealing title it is possible to grab the journalist’s attention; the summary has the function of highlighting the “juice” of the communiqué and “convincing” the journalist to continue reading its content. However. In addition to the good writing and distribution of the press release. It is essential to view media relations as an ongoing process. That is. To maintain regular contact. In order to create trust and mutual understanding.writing opinion articles demonstrates knowledge. Skills and experience on the subject in question. Reinforcing credibility.

The journalist to continue reading

Notoriety and authority in the sector. Be it information technologies – which is the world of outmarketing. Or any other. By its genesis. Opinion articles cannot have any commercial nature. But when they are signed by a certain person with a certain function in a certain company. It means that what is exposed there is what is advocated and followed in that company. Appearing in the media is always a huge asset and when it comes to opinion pieces. The level is even higher. Recognizing that your ideas count and deserve to be shared with readers proves to be of great value.

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