Why Is Glory of Kings Afghanistan Cell Phone Number Popular in China

Even at its peak, Pokémon Go’s ability to attract gold is not an order of magnitude worse than the number of daily active users. In China’s mobile game market. It may have been a long time or so far that no mobile game has been Afghanistan Cell Phone Number as popular as the Glory of Kings. Data shows that 80 million games are opene every day. The game has more than 200 million registere users, and one skin is sold 150 million a day. In the first quarter of this year, the number of monthly active users of “Honor of Kings” exceede 80 million. And Afghanistan Cell Phone Number the turnover was 3 billion yuan, making it the MOBA mobile game with the largest number of users in the world. Pokémon Go, which was popular around the world last year. Has fallen into freezing point. Data from Think Gaming shows that in the past five months. Pokémon Go has about 148,000 daily active users.

Even at Its Afghanistan Cell Phone Number Peak.

However, since its launch, Pokemon Go has accumulate $1.2 billion in revenue and over 752 million downloads. Still a relatively profitable mobile game. But even at its peak. Pokémon Go’s ability to attract gold is not an order of Afghanistan Cell Phone Number  magnitude worse than the number of daily active users. Last year, the AR game Pokémon Go became a global hit. Leading the industry to speculate about when the next AR game hit in the Chinese market will be born. Cook is also very excite to see the popularity of AR games. Think of it, AR Afghanistan Cell Phone Number games have no response in China, but the popular model is King of Glory, a mobile phone replica of LOL. And in terms of popularity and revenue. It can be said that Pokémon Go has been thrown a few streets away.

However, Since Afghanistan Cell Phone Number  Its Launch.

Afghanistan Cell Phone Number
Afghanistan Cell Phone Number

But now, there are very few mobile online games to achieve this. Most of the short and fast mobile games before this are difficult to achieve, resulting in the fun of mobile online games is not comparable to PC games. Therefore, despite the development of smartphones for many years, PC games such as LOL still occupy a dominant position Afghanistan Cell Phone Number in the game market. Until the King of Glory copie the LOL model almost perfectly to the mobile phone. It is not easy to achieve this, because the terminal game pays attention to complex game Afghanistan Cell Phone Number operations, and the mobile terminal is limite to the screen size and the lack of keyboard and mouse, it is difficult to compare the experience of the terminal game. It can be said that the glory of the king is relatively matche by the mobile terminal.

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