Why Is Cashback Interesting For E-commerce

As a general rule, reimbursement is around . to %, or even around % . The cashback percentage is rarely fixe. It varies according to the products, promotions or even the seasons. Users of cashback sites can finally enjoy their earnings in the form of gift vouchers bank transfer PayPal transfer payment to an association. Ultimately, with cashback, everyone wins the consumer who saves money the owner of the cashback site who receives a fixe or variable commission the partner e-retailer who wins on many levels, all contributing to the overall increase in turnover.

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You establish with a cashback platform is undeniably beneficial to the consumer, it is also beneficial for your business. Becoming a partner of a cashback portal will indee have positive consequences in terms of notoriety Cashback can be an interesting channel to make your brand known. One-third of cashback site users say they buy from online stores they Indian Phone Number List didn’t know existe before visibility Your products will be highlighte by the platform, which gives you a definite advantage over your competitors image By partnering with a cashback platform, the brand conveys a modern, dynamic and generous image targeting This system makes it possible to hit a specific target Acquisition By engaging in a partnership with a cashback site, you should glean about % more new leads conversion rate.

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The visitor to buy the product Cashback is therefore an attractive asset. With this system, the conversion rate is twice as high as through other sales channels sales volume Consumers affiliate with a cashback platform are also big buyers. They consume DP Leads twice as much as standard users. They are also much less likely to abandon their basket, for fear of losing the benefit of reimbursement Loyalty Accustome to your promotional offers, the consumer will tend to return regularly to your online store, rather than going to that of the competitor. Several studies have also shown that users of cashback sites tend to consume more frequently. Finally, cashback is a lever for quickly generating turnover , whatever the size of the company and whatever its sector of activity.

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