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The DPO in Public Administration Enrique Ruiz Prieto What requirements exist to be appointe Data Protection Officer of a company? What is the appropriate training for DPD ? The Data Protection Law tells us that to be appointe Data Protection Delegate (DPD or DPO) we must have knowledge of Data Protection legal matters and computer knowledge. As you can see, it does not say at all that we have to have a law degree or be a lawyer to perform this function. What we do have to have is concrete and specific training in this matter that allows you to have a professional qualification and accredit it.

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It is best to take a specific data protection officer course that qualifies you for this job. Thanks to the completion of this type of course, you will be able to complete the AEPD Scheme or DPO certification promote by the AEPD . Although that certification is not mandatory to perform the functions of a DPD; it is recommende that you have Ivory Coast Phone Number List complete it to guarantee that the company you represent fulfills its functions. In addition to these requirements, it is recommende that the person who wants to perform the functions of Data Protection Officer has certain job skills such as knowing how to work in a team, the ability to classify and store documentation.

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As well as being meticulous, organize, observant and a good speaker. Is technological training essential to be DPD or DPO? Experts in the field agree that to be a Data Protection Officer it is not only advisable but that it should be mandatory to have technological training that allows you to understand data processing processes and; in turn, communicate more effectively with the departments that participate in it. For this reason, we began this article stating that a graduate or law graduate does not have to be the best DPO profile, since if he does not know information technology and the current technology sector, he will not perform the DPO function very well.

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