Why Did You Choose to Invest in Social Networks What Significant

The reasons are multiple, knowing that within the framework of a large group like Orange all the communication is not centralized. With the arrival of Facebook in France, employees opened various pages on the site, and then on the other most popular platforms such as Twitter or Linkedin. In terms of branding, in 2010 we regained control of corporate communication (under the “Orange” brand alone) and provided a framework to improve the cohesion of all our pages (tools, good practice guides, brand charter, and “hub” connecting all of our pages). The policy is very clear; we want to be present and relevant in the spaces where our audiences express themselves.

What Is the Place of Community Management

There are several types of profiles related to Community Management. Full-time Albania Phone Number List Community Managers, internal or external, who will speak on behalf of the brand on conversational spaces, or simply publish content adapted to our pages on social platforms. Others are responsible for communicating with web-actors and are more in an “e-rp” logic. Some CMs are responsible for the animation of internal communities, also using our internal social network Plazza. Finally, in some cases, a communicator, a product manager or an employee may have a “Community Manager” cap in their skills, and may address more specific communities.

What Is the Major Objective of

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Albania Phone Number List

In terms of integration, we have formed an internal community around social media called. Come’in, and we meet approximately every two months. Then we have guides and tools available to everyone, and finally as part of the. Orange communication school” we offer training to integrate social media into a communication plan, or to train our Community Managers. Social networks are sometimes a double-edged sword, but when. Together with they are used openly to exchange, listen and communicate. They can be a great way to strengthen the bonds and trust that bind a brand to its customers.

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