Why Did You Choose to Centralize This Information on a Facebook

The application really constitutes the heart of Push My Career, which could be realize in the form of a mini-site for events. We made the strategic choice to include Push My Career in Facebook to better match our target: bac+2 or baccalaureate with more than 18 months of experience in customer relations. Our core target is between 20 and 25 years old, but not only: a 30-year-old candidate, who has the corresponding experience, can very well apply. The positions are, in fact, mainly intended for young graduates, but not only.18-35 year olds represent around 50% of the population registered on Facebook in France.

Intended for Young Graduates but Not

We have positione ourselves where our core target is. Furthermore, Dominican Republic Phone Number Societe Generale has set itself the objective of becoming a career partner. We have notices that young graduates experience difficulties. When they arrive on the job market from writing a CV to the interview. It is not always easy to enter working life. We make them a proposal, by offering content that will be useful to them, whether or not they wish to apply to Societe Generale. Therefore have a double interest in being on Facebook: the people we want to recruit are there, and those who are having difficulty entering the labor market are also there.

Not Everyone Is on Facebook, Although Many

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Dominican Republic Phone Number List

Not everyone is on Facebook, although many are registere there. We have therefore taken the side of a complete opening of the service. It is possible to access the entire page and our application without being registere or. Logge in, and without needing to like the page. You can therefore watch the videos or ask your questions without being registere on the social network. Accessibility to information is thus guarantee.  A recruitment day is always a highlight. The human side is very important, it’s a great team that works on this kind of operation. The feedback from the candidates, who share their experiences, was very important to us. It is on the strength of their feedback and studies around young graduates that

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