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Always keeps values ​​such as diversity and inclusion in mind. These factors illustrate Sephora’s commitment to providing the best experience, flexibility and freedom of choice to its customers nevertheless, despite its strengths, the company has face notable challenges in recent years. The challenge reaching generations Y and Z Sephora has several luxury brand segments with which it finds it difficult to speak to younger consumers like those of Generations Y and Z. This is because their financial capacity is generally lower than that of other generational segments, which is why they are often in the inability to make large payments all at once.

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To offer them an alternative offering them more payment flexibility, without losing the customer experience and the freedom of choice that characterizes them. Such options would allow them to buy higher value products in installments. We Korea Phone Numbers List therefore need a solution that was both simple and fluid, without interest or commissions. The Klarna Solution The solution found by Klarna brings together different payment methods in installments, available on online and mobile channels, as well as in physical stores, in order to offer the omnichannel experience that today’s consumers expect. Its integration and implementation process went particularly well.

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Explains to us We were impresse by the sped and thoroughness of the Klarna team from inception to launch. They were supportive, responsive DP Leads and above all very flexible. Thanks to them, we went from first meetings to full-scale omnichannel launch in less than two months. » Results and benefits Within a few months, Klarna’s installment payment solutions brought tangible and spectacular results in the Sephora markets where they were deploye (Unite States and Canada) • + % of the upper average basket of its physical stores • + % of the upper average basket in the mobile application • + % of the upper average basket on the website However, beyond the numbers, Sephora greatly appreciate that the smoooth omnichannel experience provide by Klarna helped it reach these younger consumers more effectively.

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