Which Frequently Change the Ranking

Redesigning the web page is as urgent as it is relevant since flash is no longer used as the only design tool. But rather combined with other languages (html or css) to create a site with better usability. 2- content organization and usability the organization of the content reflects a clear usability problem at fuego yámana we value content marketing as one of the most important and sensitive strategies when it comes to achieving positioning.

Visits Engagement and conversion ; and for all this it has to be well written. In its fair extension. Designed for seo and for users. And follow both good practices and solid knowledge of copywriting to captivate and fall in love… A supposedly easy task when everyone proclaims himself as good writer. However. It is enough to log into your google analytics account and see the bounce metrics or the values of return visits to see if they are leaving your site quickly and without compassion.

The Modules are Organized

If this is the case. It may be due. Among other reasons. To a clear content usability problem . If people don’t find what they’re looking for. They’ll go find it elsewhere! For this Canadian CFO Email List reason. It is necessary that you analyze the structure of the homepage. The navigation mode and how the modules are organized in the various sections to redesign the web page in such a way that your visitors easily obtain what they are looking for.

Layout with tables and frames it is limited by being laid out with tables and frames the old pages are static and prevent the easy addition of content while the new and dynamic ones work with cms (such as the wordpress content manager) and programming languages such as php that allow them to be conceived with an almost unlimited capacity for adding new content. . In addition. Google favors the positioning of these dynamic websites that continually add fresh and quality material.

While The New and Dynamic

Search engines it is not optimized to rank in search engines your site must be developed to achieve the best positioning in search engines . Which frequently change the ranking algorithms of the urls that appear in searches. The higher up you are. The more visibility you will have and the more opportunities you will have for interested traffic . For this. It is important to work on a good structure aimed at optimizing seo and performing some periodic tasks that facilitate these top positions.

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