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The super table, which started from the curriculum, obviously.  Also, of thoughtful consideration of the user experience, it caused the loss of users. After that, Super . Also, Table tried to expand the functions and content, adding entrances such Netherlands Phone Number as campus clubs, second-hand. Also, transfers, squatting classes, and finding empty classrooms. However, the actual effect of these. Also, measures is not good, and the new functions have not been widely used. Therefore, inappropriate Mexico Phone Number content setting is another. Also, important reason for the loss of users of campus social networking sites. To sum up, after the popularity of social networking sites, campus social networking

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The fundamental reason is that it is difficult. Also, for the super watch to change the user’s mind. No matter how hard Supertable is, users Netherlands Phone Number always think that. Also, this is a curriculum software, and only need the function of curriculum. Therefore, even according to the founder Yu Jiawen, Super Table covers 80% of the Chinese campus market, but this. Also, software has not made any big news. In order to include enough information, such software. Also, needs to take into account the user experience of students, schools, businesses and even parents. But software is difficult to segment these objects, out of the market and lack of usage scenarios. The most . Also, important point is that college students and school administrators have become.

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Netherlands Phone Number List
Netherlands Phone Number List

Although the media reports on the Black and. Also, White Campus use the words “time-sharing social products”, the founder Ji Kun said Netherlands Phone Number that the Black. . However, since its launch. Also, in 2014, the black and white campus has not caused a big splash, which is inseparable from the lack. Also, of software promotion. Entering the campus market is not an easy task. The atmosphere of. Also, each school is different, and the resistance to software promotion is also different. Without enough promotion, it is impossible. Also, to get enough users, and it is difficult to build an active Internet community.

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