When Twitter Appears in the Streets of London

The information has already been published on but it is so popular that I can’t resist sharing it. The notion of privacy on the web has become blurred, whether for brands, services or even for users. Social networks have changed our defensive reflexes to immerse us in extimacy, this desire to reveal ourselves. Unless it’s the opposite, the eternal story of the chicken and the egg. Fake apps to spy on your friends have become legion, often made for dishonest purposes. The toilet paper brand Le Trèfle is surfing on this wave by offering an application with a high viral capacity. The goal ? Make you believe that you will be able to access the personal data of people around you.

It’s Up to You to Choose the People You

A fake scan later, the reveal appears. Take care of your butt instead! A beautiful Portugal Phone Number moral that fits perfectly with the product concerned, namely a brand of toilet paper… Admittedly, it is not always easy to defend certain products on social networks, a presence on them can be unfounded. This operation shows that the viral side can in any case allow people to talk about themselves, as long as they are inventive. And even if I doubt that this will result in the creation of a real space for exchanges or a brand community, the fallout in communication should be real. Good game ! And if you were hoping to find something here to spy on your friends on Facebook, you will have understood the message.

You Can Even Choose What Types of

Portugal Phone Number List
Portugal Phone Number List

Searching by images is quite nice, and somewhat reminiscent . Just type copy the address of an image, import it from your computer, or more simply, drag it to the search bar, and Google will return the relevant results concerning it: similar images, links… The idea is interesting! Very practical when you want to identify a work, look for additional information, etc., without being able to precisely describe your needs. The image search is apparently deployed everywhere, just click on the small camera that appears in the search bar.

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