When The Tool Is Installed In The Back-office

Simplicity and depth The main advantage of a data synchronization tool lies. In the simplicity of comparing the different items. Of correlating audience indicators and visitor behavior with customer data. You can thus analyze the evolutions by period using the histories. Push your investigations, in short go further, more finely. But with ease and efficiency. Share KPIs  of your e-commerce software. All the teams concerned can access and use the information.

A guaranteed time saver for you

Your analysts who can focus more on corrective and scalable solutions that benefit your business. E-commerce how to monitor your KPIs? Metrics, your KPI tool Among the tools on the market offers. A new interface that meets all of these criteria. Metrics centralizes the essential data sources for managing your store, gathers traffic data from your Cameroon Phone Number List Google Analytics account and sales data from your PrestaShop store. With Metrics you will find all your key figures at a glance on your dashboard to control your activity and follow its daily evolution. Metrics a precise and intuitive interface To make your data speak, Metrics brings together the main indicators in a dashboard and offers interactive graphs to monitor changes.

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You can also customize your analysis periods

And compare them easily Metrics a tool at the heart of your business If you have recently created your e-store, Metrics is pre-installed and directly accessible from your Module Manager tab. If your version of is older, you can install Metrics from your DP Leads Module Catalog or the Addons Marketplace . Thus, your analysis tool will be as close as possible to your activity How to install and configure Metrics Tips Cards to guide you To understand the scope of key performance indicators, know how to interpret their evolution and take the necessary corrective actions, Metrics provides you with advice written by our e-commerce experts The catalog of.

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