When a Brand’s Mascot Follows Its Twitter Followers in the Street

On LinkedIn, the best-ranked companies are those that have been able to innovate to take advantage of their presence on the 1st professional social network. In particular by making their page consistent with their HR policy and communication, with links to their various online spaces and by making their employees ambassadors. Note that the HR IDEA matrix also takes into account an indicator called “Employee Ambassador Density” to assess the number of employees among the followers and the total number of employees. On Facebook, companies are still struggling to position themselves despite the potential billion users.

This Is the Perfect Info for a Friday Afternoon

Only 12 Cac40 companies have set up a fan page dedicated to careers. Althea has Sweden Phone Number List nevertheless identified interesting best practices: responsiveness and personalization of responses to fans; the variety of content (portraits, HR events, videos, photos); adapting the content to a rather student audience. Here are the winners on Facebook. The microblogging platform is a new essential space for the deployment of the employer brand of large groups. For the moment, notes Althea, 11 Cac 40 companies have created a “career” account there. No surprise in terms of good practices: you have to interact with your followers, be very responsive and distribute content regularly to make the link with the corporate site.

A Humorous Operation That Should Boost

Sweden Phone Number List
Sweden Phone Number List

By analyzing these different practices, Digidust has constructed a matrix representing. The four types of strategies according to the digital maturity of companies. A matrix, summarized in the diagram below, which shows that the majority of Cac 40 companies are still at the development stage of their HR attractiveness on social networks. This is the perfect info for a Friday afternoon! We often talk about bringing social media to the streets. The pizzeria brand Mellow Mushroom took the instructions literally! To make people talk about her, she likes to follow some of her Twitter followers. In other words, when someone subscribes to their account. Chances are that the brand’s mascot will literally start following them in the street!

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