What You Learn Is Belgium Cell Phone Number Not Knowledge

What you learn is not knowledge, but gossip and dazzling skills. I would rather like a fool who speaks human words than choose a flamboyant and dazzling burnt bun to move forward with. Gossip seems to be a sensitive word now, and Belgium Cell Phone Number all relate accounts have been wipe out. But the restless gossip hearts of the melon eaters are still active in everyone’s chest. Including young people who have just graduate. The annual graduation Belgium Cell Phone Number tide is approaching. Recently, a largeĀ  Belgium Cell Phone Number of fresh graduates have been interviewe. Including turtles, 211, 985, junior college students and other students. Most of them have a common characteristic, they like to go on the line , high-level conceptual vocabulary exchange. “I think new media will become one of the ultimate ways of human communication”, “Everyone will have a black swan”, “We just want to grab the sum of the national time with others”.

What You Belgium Cell Phone Number Learn Is Not Knowledge.

Etc., but they can’t say any of their own thinking, even their own basic judgments and opinions. The sources of their “knowledge” are basically Internet celebrities such as Mr. Luo Zhenyu and Mr. Wu Xiaobo’s channel. WeChat and various audio software under the mobile Internet greatly facilitate the circulation and Belgium Cell Phone Number acquisition of information. But in fact, these seemingly convenient and fast methods are actually more of a piece of gossip than knowledge. Whether it is Luo Ji thinking or Wu Xiaobo channel, although Belgium Cell Phone Number they are constantly recruiting hackers, they will be whippe out every once in a while, saying they are pseudo-knowledge. But in fact, they are all leaders in the form of knowledge payment and realization.

Etc., but They Belgium Cell Phone Number Can’t Say.

Belgium Cell Phone Number
Belgium Cell Phone Number

However, most of the young people who receive them regarde these as the only source of knowledge, and even a fashionable way of arming their minds. According to Yuval Harari, gossip has been the driving force behind human Belgium Cell Phone Number progress throughout human history. This is also one of the reasons why Homo sapiens eventually defeate many human races, including Neanderthals, and evolve into modern humans. When Belgium Cell Phone Number came together, there was no way to send some information Belgium Cell Phone Number through gossip. Homo sapiens develope the language skills to gossip for hours. As a result, the tribes develope closer ties and easier cooperation. This is the communication and method of the ancestors of human beings for 70,000 years. What they get is all kinds of short stories, gossips, strange things, hunting and picking fruits. But 70,000 years later, society has advance by leaps and bounds.

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