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Alas, we still find CMs today who are only asked to make nice graphs that show the improvement in the number of fans or the rate of engagement. The result of this approach is almost a generation of push-to-click professionals who consider themselves community managers. Too bad for them but they are wrong. And the awakening will be hard for the companies that employ them. We are fortunate to work for advertisers who want to better understand what their target is doing on the Internet, or who want to think about their digital strategy over the long term. So inevitably, these advertisers are more mature than when I was working in advertising.

You Like to Talk About Digital Territories

But I think is a special case, because we don’t have sales people, so most of our customers Germany Phone Number List find us by word of mouth. We are thus inheriting customers who are already in an active process of understanding the Internet. What is is the best state of mind to move forward and develop your strategy. All ! Everything has change for communicators, even if some do not know it yet. A little over 100 years ago advertising was born. Little by little it spread out, explore new territories, tested and abandoned economic models before stabilizing around a “advertising creation + media display” model. Experimental or low-budget models (eg street marketing) ended up in the non-media box.

The Communication Professions Must Therefore

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When the Internet reache the ears of communicators, it was immediately put in the “non-media” box because we didn’t really understand what it could be use for. The digital poles of agencies being the poor relation of advertising strategies. And then in 2007, communication budgets swelle. The Internet was quickly promote as an official media”, such as television, radio or print. And then, in 2009 Facebook having become a place of very important traffic. We starte talking about “social media”, hastily translate in France by social media

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