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Monthly recurring revenue (MRR) 2. Customer Acquisition Rate (CAR) 3. Volume Churn 4. Value Churn 5. Net Promoter Score (NPS) 6. Customer lifetime value (LTV) 7. Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) 8. Efficiency (LTV/CAC) 1. Monthly recurring Thailand WhatsApp Number List revenue (MRR) Everything starts (and ends) with the subscription provider’s ability to generate recurring.

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The term monthly recurring revenue (MRR) therefore deserves first place in the list of 8 metrics. MRR expresses how much monthly turnover is generated by the subscriptions. There are several ways to calculate MRR. The simplest is MRR = monthly average revenue per user (ARPU) x total monthly subscribers The ARPU primarily consists of the subscription fee that the customer pays you.

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It is important Stands Out Stands Out

to disregard one-off income, such as connection costs, in this regard. After all, this type of income is not recurring. It can be useful to further refine your MRR reports by looking specifically at the MRR of new inflowing customers. Is it higher or lower than that of existing customers?

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