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People and people, people and services, and people and goods belong to the first stage of Internet connection. In the context of the era when the first stage is Phone Number List coming to an end, the three Internet giants each occupy a seat. Baidu occupies “people and information” (search), Alibaba occupies “people and goods” (e-commerce), and Tencent occupies “people and people” (social). The connection in the second stage must be “people and services”. The three giants also want to make achievements at the level of “people and services” on the basis of existing resources. The company that can occupy the territory of “people and services” bound to become the fourth largest. Services have strong scene properties. Also, The scene is inseparable from the time.

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The place, and the characters. When users generate service behaviors, they have strong dependencies in time and geographic dimensions. The time distribution Phone Number List of people’s Internet social behaviors mostly carried out in fragmented time. The time is continuous and moderate, the place of occurrence is uncertain. And the characters involved do not have clear specific attributes. (communication with colleagues at work, communication with friends in life. Communicate with strangers when entertaining, and communicate with service providers when receiving services.). The Internet search behavior of people and information is also carried out using fragmented time. The time duration is short, and the place of generation is uncertain.

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Phone Number List

The characters involved are only Phone Number List the user and the content producer. (UGC and PGC), but there is no actual communication. Between the two, which does not occur. connect. Most of the online shopping behaviors of people and goods are carried out in fragmented time, and a small number of. B-end dealers carry out purchasing behaviors at specific times. duration is short. The location is uncertain, and users can use the Internet to conduct shopping activities at any location. The characters involved have specific attributes. Buyers and sellers. But attributes are not unique, sellers can also generate shopping behaviors, and buyers can also be sellers to sell goods.

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