What Motivated This Choice to Launch You on This Social Network

Our first major action in 2011 was to offer a “recruitment” showcase. To do this, we have taken our careers space out of our institutional site to make it a site completely dedicated to recruitment, Allianz-recrute Naturally, once set up, it was necessary to chain and position oneself on a tool that allows exchange and interactivity. Associated with our goal of being close to students, Facebook became our priority. The first step of Allianz was indeed the opening of a  May 2010. Led by Karine Lazimi of the Market Management unit, this account aims to highlight Allianz news in France. We use it regularly to publish vacancies.

The Employer Brand Is Not Only Social Networks

Today we are thinking about the interest of opening a Twitter account dedicated to Russia Phone Number List the employer brand and recruitment, but above all we have to imagine an animation strategy. This is important because the objective is not to “copy and paste” our Facebook content. As for the other major professional social networks that need not be mentioned, we are not there yet either, except in their job board functionalities. Here too, we are closely studying all the possibilities of using these networks and 2013 will perhaps be an opportunity for Allianz to take a new step on these social networks.

What Are the First Results

Russia Phone Number List
Russia Phone Number List

I’m really happy that Allianz Experience is getting people talking about it! That’s kind of the goal. The second being the conversion of these good words into deeds. Always listening to the HR teams, we offered to help them recruit through games on the target. Financial adviser in wealth”, a population that is difficult to recruit today. We have set up a cross-functional project team with HR, wealth management advisors and the disability mission to create a sharp game that allows candidates to discover this profession, and why not to project themselves into it. Then, it’s simple, we pre-qualify the players by the scores and invite them to come and discover Allianz and apply during recruitment days.

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