What Is the Main Purpose of a Serious Game of This Type

As I said above, the objective is twofold. It allows on the one hand to test and pre-qualify the candidate and on the other hand to discover the real life of a Wealth Management Advisor, and thus quickly know if this candidate can project himself on this job. On the sidelines of this final recruitment objective, it is obvious that the success of the launch associated with the success of the game itself helps to promote the image of Allianz as an innovative and digital player! And our employer brand is not going to complain about it. Why speak of “problems”? I prefer to talk about issues.

What Do You Think Will Be the Next Employer Brand Issues

One of the main ones in my opinion is to associate the employer brand with the overall Saudi Arabia Phone Number List strategy of the company. We must be consistent in the messages we convey, whether they relate to business, recruitment or marketing. This will allow us to obtain better visibility both internally and externally. The other important challenge is to involve employees more and more in all of the company’s actions. We all know that they are the best ambassadors! The major difficulty remains, implementation. We have to find levers to get our internal populations on board. For this, we at Allianz have some innovative ideas but I will share them when we have tested them…and implemented them.

Associated With Our Goal of Being Close

Saudi Arabia Phone Number List
Saudi Arabia Phone Number List

The first feedback is surprising and very satisfying. A single number can sum it up, the number 5. This is the place of our Allianz France Jobs page in the latest ranking published on the Mobile and social recruitment blog! A real good surprise for Allianz. To be totally honest on the subject, we weren’t expecting this, especially since our Facebook page is recent (May 2012). The 6 criteria used for this ranking confirm in detail that we made the right choices, both in terms of the look and the strategy put in place to animate it and make it attractive.

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