What Is the Lifespan of a Link Twitter or Whatever How

When you post a link on Facebook, Twitter or whatever, how long will people go to visit it before it falls into oblivion? This is the question that, the URL shortener. They began their study with a potentially shareable article (the story of an orphaned baby otter raised by kittens, what could be better?), originally posted on Facebook. What Bit.ly calls the “half-life” of the link, that is, the time during which this link will receive half of the clicks it will receive next, is here located at 70 minutes. It’s a bit like the peak of link popularity, the moment when you can hope to capture the attention of as many people as possible.

The Duration of the Half-life Depends on

Conversely, a link to a burning news item will have a much shorter half-life: many people Paraguay Phone Number will click on it at the same time, but in a shorter period of time. Thus, the half-life of clicks on a link about an earthquake in the United States will be only 5 minutes. To better understand, here are the graphs showing the number of clicks on two different links, respectively the story of the kittens and the otter and then the earthquake. The two gray lines represent the half-life.

The Medium on Which the Link Is Sent

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Rather logical: we will be interested in the moment in immediate news cold content. Being interesting all the time  according to Bitly. This one, which does not stop in such a good way, then analyzed a thousand links to try. To draw conclusions from all this.  On Youtube, it’s much longer: 7.4 hours. After this half-life, it doesn’t mean that no one will see your articles anymore. But there will be a kind of long tail, with sporadic visits. This small study is worth what it is worth, but confirms what can be observed empirically.

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