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To be exact, the retail industry has undergone five major changes and developments. And now we are in the midst of the fourth to fifth transformation. To a large extent, “new retail” has to return to the element of “people”. For Belarus Cell Phone Number new retail. The hottest topic in the venture capital circle, there have been various interpretations and extensions in the market. Many companies are keen to bundle “big data” and “artificial Belarus Cell Phone Number intelligence” with new retail to show their advancement. However, going back to several important changes in the retail industry. What kind of evolution node is new retail at, and Belarus Cell Phone Number what are the core issues to be graspe? Recently. Cui Hongbo, an expert in brand strategy management.

To Be Exact, the Belarus Cell Phone Number Retail .

The following is Cui Hongbo’s sharing and sorting out:Many of you here are content entrepreneurs, people who mass-produce and produce content. But the more you are in it, the easier it is to confuse your mind. So today I will take “new retail” as the core theme. And talk about what is the “new retail” that is now popular in the market Belarus Cell Phone Number and attracting attention? Where is the “new retail” new? For many things, we have to be in awe, and we can do it with subversive logic or innovative thinking. But either way, something Belarus Cell Phone Number fundamental has to come back. Most of the people who are talking about “new retail” today are talking about “new”. And few people think about “retail”. Since “new retail” is “new” in the Belarus Cell Phone Number front and “retail” in the back.

The Following Is Belarus Cell Phone Number Cui Hongbo’s.

Belarus Cell Phone Number
Belarus Cell Phone Number

The retail industry has been evolving in the market for nearly a hundre years, and real retailing starte from department stores. We all know that at that time, commodity production began to industrialize. And after industrialization, the Belarus Cell Phone NumberĀ  cross-regional circulation of retail was establishe. After the problem of commodity integration and deployment was solve, the real retail business emerge. After that, supermarkets solve the efficiency problem through the information revolution, and then to today’s Belarus Cell Phone Number non-store retail operation, the concept of “new retail” came into being. Looking at all the changes in the evolution history of the retail industry, the evolution logic of the retail industry has not fundamentally broken through the three core elements of “goods, market, and people”.

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