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We are entering a new technological revolution and even a new era: that of information. However, there are not only 2D interfaces (computer screen, tablet, smartphone) for receiving or sending information. No, there are a multitude of interfaces, to communicate between humans and even between machines (and humans-machines). Based on this observation, associated with the development of uses, we have concluded at Curiouser that the job of the next few years that was of the most interest for communication and marketing was that of Creative Technologist. The Creative Technologist is the profession that will make advertising creation evolve from 2D (screen) to 3D (communicating objects). 

In Your Opinion, What Are the Future Digital

As you can read a little above, there is a whole category of professionals that I Greece Phone Number List don’t esteem. These are those who make their money on the credulity of advertisers. And it would hurt me to give them the means to continue. On the other hand, there are plenty of Internet professionals who do their job well (or who try depending on the context). And for them, I would like to tell you a bit about these trends (you can also . In essence in 2013, I think that. It’s an extremely interesting job and which already allows, associated with the digital glider, to work wonders.

We Will See the Development of Both

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We will see the emergence of two major types of advertising strategies: the very expensive (based on mass media buying) and the tactical, opportunistic, different, etc. (mainly based on responses to a customer need and word of mouth). We will see the development of both trust marketing and aggressive marketing where brands will settle accounts under their belts. The reach of conversations is indeed so high that this kind of marketing (trust or aggressive) will inevitably.Digital strategies will gradually erase on/offline barriers. Conversion tunnels will come out of the Internet, communication strategies too.

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