What Are These Different Phases of the “candidate Life Cycle

The first phase is the traditional candidate in “passive watch”. His expectations are not about a short-term candidacy, no need to overwhelm him with job offers. Besides, he may never have considered your company as a potential employer before. Speeches on your policy in terms of training or career promotions are probably premature. On the other hand, we will arouse his attention with useful content, less oriented on a commercial discourse but more empathetic. Social media is obviously the preferred medium for initiating this type of action. This is for the HR brand to maintain a non-intrusive presence in mind.

For a Majority of Candidates, the Candidate

With phase 2, the candidate enters a more active approach, its deadline is shorter. He will therefore be looking for more operational South Korea Phone Number List information to guide his choices. He will be more sensitive to HR marketing speeches and arguments. The challenge for the company is to move from this simple presence in mind to a notion of potential employer, or even ideally of preferred employer. How to identify the transition from phase 1 to phase 2: it is through the quality of the exchanges that the company will have succeeded in developing through its communities of cold candidates. And of course, companies that have been identified and appreciated during phase 1 will see their efforts rewarded in phase.

Corresponds to This Period During Which

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Given the number of stakeholders, it is difficult, and the relationship sometimes escapes the strict area of ​​expertise of HR. Thus, it is difficult to separate the “candidate experience” from the “customer experience”: if a customer has a bad experience with the company’s products, or at the point of sale, it will also feed the employer brand. negative attributes. But the opposite is also true: finding oneself in one’s bank branch facing an Advisor who gives a good image of one’s profession will contribute to nurturing a positive prescription in favor of the company as an employer. Brand image and employer brand are closely linke. Another example, the place where candidates are receive is more a matter.

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