What Are the Main Actions Taken by Société Générale Towards

We are carrying out several actions simultaneously on several specific themes, which are aimed at different types of populations. Here is an overview: We have developed a theme around advice and support for candidates. This is the case on the recruitment site with the candidate space which offers advice from recruiters, sites for creating online CVs, interview training with a webcam, etc. A another launched thanks to a partnership with a provider of documentaries on the web to popularize major economic concepts (micro-credit, mobile payments, etc.) in a pedagogical approach. This “partner” territory for candidates, which we have been developing for quite some time, is a very structuring element of our presence and our choices

On the Events We Organize Around

On the business game Citizen Act, we also used the networks at different times of Kuwait Phone Number the game, for different purposes, on targeted populations. At the launch of the game, to reach students, we focused on Facebook and distributed targeted banners to reach schools. As CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is the theme of the game, we have identified experts in the field on LinkedIn to initiate discussions with them. In this way, the students who had to work on their practical cases were able to come into contact with these experts. We also used  create traffic and give visibility to the wiki platform and the Facebook page.

We Have Also Developed an Ecosystem

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This was also used during the game phase: the students who took part in. The business game used it a lot, but also those around them. This gave a lot of visibility to the game and we are very happy with it. The sharing side with the relatives, the support of these to the participants made. It possible to install the game well on the network. The objective is to reuse the communities created over the years, but not necessarily in. The same way: players from the first year could, for example, advise. Other teams, support them, so as to create a kind of club.

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