What Are The Consequences

With the disappearance of this program, the legal basis for organizations within the EU for data exchange with the 5368 American organizations Honduras WhatsApp Number List that are affiliated to the Privacy Shield also disappears. Why was the Privacy Shield invalid? The reason the US isn’t on the “safe” list is the same reason the Privacy Shield was ultimately rejecting.

American law The Consequences

Allows government agencies to interfere in data within the private sector, including through the infamous FISA 702. This is at odds with the basis of the GDPR, which is specifically designed to protect the personal data of consumers. Privacy activist Max Schrems was so concerned about this that he has now filed two cases to stop data exchange between the EU and the US. In addition to this case.

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The Consequences for the Privacy Shield

Schrems previously won the Safe Harbor case, which had approximately the same scope. What impact does this ruling have on my business? The consequences of the Schrems II ruling (the name given to the case) are significant. It will probably mean the end of data transfers to the United States as we now take them for granted. It means for your organization that you can no longer use the almost 5500 providers on the Privacy Shield list.

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