Week Dedicated to the Employer Brand and Recruitment

The subject has been in vogue for a few months. What if social networks had an impact on recruitment, just as they have an impact on communication or customer relations? We conducted an of 2,208 candidates and 157 recruiters to find out more. We started again this year with this time questioned. The results showed that while social networks were not yet a reflex for everyone and did not replace existing tools, they were beginning to find their place in the panel of recruitment-related tools. They are particularly used by candidates to do research on the companies to which they wish to apply. A company’s employer brand is therefore increasingly played out on these social networks.

Marine Voron, Director of Hr Development

We wanted to go deeper into this subject by giving a voice to those who are in charge Lithuania Phone Number List of their company’s presence strategy on social media. These guarantors of the employer brand have the merit of clearing a field that is still little known. The examples are unfortunately not yet very numerous in France. The choice of the 5 companies questioned was therefore naturally made among those which stand out for their best practices. You will therefore be able to discover this week on this blog the interviews of.

Officer and Carole Sottel Deputy Head of

Lithuania Phone Number List
Lithuania Phone Number List

But that’s not all. During this week dedicated to the employer brand and recruitment 2.0, Arnaud Pottier-Rossi, Associate Director of the agency and co-organizer of the Social Media Recruitment conference will offer us a guest post. Several gifts related to our subject will be up for grabs, and other articles will complete the week (useful tools, received ideas, good practices, etc.). What to do a complete update on recruitment trends on social media. As usual, this rich content will then be available in the form of a white paper.

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