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Does your customer confirm your assumption to grow? (or: is there a customer need?) Are you building a growth platform? Can the required knowledge and skills be in-house or can be hired, purchased, or taken over? Does your idea offer convincing Spain WhatsApp Number List growth potential? The answers will give you the growth formula to germinate your product and service this spring.

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An employer asked YoungCapital ‘Do you also do temporary staffing?’ The answer was yes, but at that time the service had yet to be developed. Is that bad? New. The customer has arrived and costs to be spent can be recovered. After all, your value proposition has been confirmed. This is possible for medium and large companies. That is if management is not only concerned with operational matters, but also with innovation.

Spain WhatsApp Number List

Jansen called Or Hear

This ‘ two-legged companies ‘ in a podcast at BNR last year. For the Calimero’s among us, this may be risky and the two easily get over it. But even if the financial risks for yourself are on the severe side, you can go the extra mile with a ‘ minimum viable product ‘. You present this to your customer and with co-creation you can build together to bring the product or service to fruition.

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