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The coaches are external, to respect our positioning as a career partner. As the information does not come directly from Societe Generale, we would like candidates to understand its almost universal nature. We find that this choice allows a better neutrality, we really wish to place ourselves in a logic of accompaniment. We obviously have recruitment needs, and we will be very happy to welcome our new employees a lot, but if the interviews are unsuccessful, we want the candidates to value the experience they will have had, that the advice received during the process will be useful to them later (to apply for another company, or to try their luck again with us).

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We carried out a print and web media campaign, as well as a digital press relations operation: we are really part of a digital approach. In addition, we did Egypt Phone Number some media buying on Facebook, and via Google Adwords. Then, word of mouth makes it work. On Twitter, in particular, people share information because there is content: we are not there to sell a product, we make a value proposition. Whether or not people apply to us, relevant information will have been provided to them. 

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Egypt Phone Number List
Egypt Phone Number List

Expert videos found on the app are also available on. We make video to put the human at the heart of our digital devices. There is really a person, who directly shares his experience, unlike a stereotyped notice for example. It seems important to us to have this human relationship. This is also why we do live coaching sessions. We could very well have stopped at the chat session, with a moderator to sort, rephrase the answers, but that’s not our vision. Whether or not people apply to us, relevant information will have been provided to them.

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