We Hear a Lot of Talk About the Use of the Web by Companies The Multiple

The whole site is based on this concept of Wonder. The logical continuation of a communication strategy based on youth as a state of mind. Evian sells water, no need to go overboard on the product, we all know it already. Everything is therefore a question of positioning and values. In the case of The Source, it is therefore a matter of wonder. This concept is universal and ultimately little used online. In terms of entertainment, we give pride of place to LOL, people, news items. But not enough for what appeals to emotion, inspiration, wonder. Or rather yes, but in a fragmented and disparate way. Yet we have never needed it so much. A place is to be taken on this niche, the approach comes at the right time.

Construction of an Image

We hear a lot of talk about the use of the web by companies. The multiple possibilities Croatia Phone Number offered, virality, the construction of an image through the content offered… The latest leitmotifs of online marketing are based in particular on two aspects. Brand content, namely the proposal of high value-added content created by the company highlighting its strengths. But also brand story-telling, or how to reinvent yourself based on your history, your values, the link you can have with your customers. All with a concern for sustainability, far from the event one shot. Fine arguments for a launch full of hope.

The Success of the Project Will Be Based on

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Croatia Phone Number List

With this project, Evian manages to bring both together and much more. By mixing original creations and curation, emotions and virality, by adding meaning to communication, the brand succeeds in realizing what many dreamed of until then. And this for a good reason: Evian is giving way to the content it highlights. No abusive communication, product placements, commercial speech, but just the desire to offer the best of a certain style. No intrusion into the privacy of Internet users. Fewer constraints, but a site that puts added value at the heart of its editorial line. By this fact, Evian succeeds in associating its brand with its very qualitative selection, and should benefit from strong viral mechanisms, supported by its strong presence on social media in many countries around the world. 

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