We give a new life and a different concept to old furniture

A project that emerged 4 years ago as a commitment to follow a philosophy regarding the decoration sector and that has now become the life project of its founder.

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bruno. Tell us what arteb is and what you offer to your clients.

Arteb is a different decoration store/workshop concept. In which the restoration of vintage furniture is mixed with the manufacture and design of new ones. All of this always giving it a personalized. Different and. Above all. Sustainable touch.

We offer our clients a

Professional advice service regarding the decoration and design of the furniture they want to make. From upholstering. Restoring. Modifying or making from scratch. And. Apart from everything related to restoration. We can also offer interior design and home staging services.

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How and when did the project come about?
The arteb project arose four years ago: after thinking about it a lot and risking a lot. Seeing the current consumerism that exists now and how much is thrown away in the world of reforms. After spending a season.

Interview with bruno. Founder of arte b decoration

Unemployed and after working for others always in the world of decoration. I decided to take this step to be able to practice what i have always really liked. Which is decoration and creativity… And what better way than to do it all in the same space.

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