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Yes, on the other hand, he will be able to defend you in case you need legal assistance in court; but for those cases we always hire a lawyer, since to defend before the corresponding jurisdiction we must be registere in the bar association. For this reason, the European Regulation also requires the figure of the DPO to have some computer training and; companies that handle data “at scale” are require to appoint a DPO for their business .

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Many training schools offer a data protection course that includes adequate training for DPOs in both the legal and IT sectors. Is certification require to practice as a DPD? Or does it only serve as proof of competencies? Although we have already indicate it before, we have to indicate that there is no compulsory title or certificate for the exercise Japan Phone number list of the DPD functions of a company. However, if we have said certification, we will demonstrate that we are experts in the treatment of data and privacy of users and; it will be easier to find employment to perform this job. Likewise, companies are also recommende to hire a person with this certification since the penalties for breaching data protection matters can be very significant (it can reach up to 20 million euros.

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For this reason, it is advisable to have this certification since soon there will be many candidates who have this training to have more competitive advantages in the labor market. Remember that certification, unlike titles, must be renewe periodically; since the Data Protection Delegates must be update daily according to the regulatory changes in this matter; as well as technical and technological innovations. Therefore, it is irrelevant whether the professional has a career or not, what he has to demonstrate is that he has the most up-to-date legislative and technological knowledge possible.

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