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I deliberately completed the interface design in the form of hand-painted. This interface is the interface that pops up on the mobile phone after the user scans the. QR code of the product. The user can see the thumbnail of the product on the left side of this interface. The Buy Business Fax List rating on the right side, and the user evaluation is displayed in abbreviated form. Click the user evaluation to enter the evaluation details. Such as purchase time, purchase times, detailed evaluation, etc.  Shopping list interface After users pay with WeChat. They will receive a link to the shopping list sent by the merchant. After the user clicks the link

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They can see the shopping list interface. Where they can see the unit price, quantity, and total price of all products purchased for each product. At the Buy Business Fax List same time, you can also evaluate a single product. As well as, click the button on the right side of the column to enter the product evaluation interface. (3) Publish product evaluation interface After entering the product evaluation interface, users can upload images that reflect. Also,  the quality of the product through the image upload button on the left. At the same time. Also, you can rate the product in the rating column on the right, and write a review for the product. After the evaluation is completed, click the save button below and send it to the merchant, and the evaluation data will be synchronized. As well as, to the evaluation information database corresponding to the product in real time. program value From the perspective of companies.

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Buy Business Fax List
Buy Business Fax List

This solution can Buy Business Fax List stimulate users to choose. WeChat Pay to obtain additional services, help companies better seize the third-party payment market. And develop more cooperation channels and business models. From the user’s point of view. This solution can help users better understand the actual situation of products when shopping offline. Also, guide users to purchase, and participate in the evaluation and writing of products to enrich the shopping experience. From the perspective of shopping malls, this solution can help shopping malls better understand the specific reasons for the low sales volume of each product.

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