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It is another element that nurtures the trust place in him as a defender of the rights of that person. In addition, he must be loyal and will fight to the maximum so that you obtain the best compensation . When you have a very low chance of success, they should also point this out before acting on your behalf. 9) Look for references: Now you are clear that the best element you have to take into account is that the lawyer acts with due diligence, is loyal to your cause and generates mutual trust.

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To know this, you not only have to analyze their behavior, but you can also ask family, friends and people who you know are your client before hiring their services. In the digital age we can also use the reviews that exist on the Costa Rica Phone Number List Internet. There are multiple channels to find out if it is a person who complies with the principles that he promulgates on his social networks. If you interact on social networks, write in a blog providing content of great value or; even shows his face on YouTube are indicative in order to determine the degree of involvement with the profession.

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In my case, it goes without saying that I love helping others. 10) Have you been successful in similar cases? This point complements the first of the experience, but this time something more concrete. It is about finding out if these lawyers have handl and manage similar cases and; What has been your success factor against them? For example, a good labor lawyer can be very good in the case of unfair dismissals, but in a case of mobbing or workplace harassment, lose a little, despite being from the same branch of law; although normally it is more frequent to find this when dealing with totally different subjects.

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