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Make sure that the ratio between the amount of text and the amount of image in an email is in balance. That is why we use the 60-40 rule. A maximum of 40 percent of your message consists of images. We’re following this rule Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List because it could damage your shipping reputation otherwise. After all, images cannot always be read by clients. Text, on the other hand, does. Now we understand that this rule cannot always be enforced.

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You may also want to send an email that consists entirely of images, such as a scrolling email, also known as a parallax email. That is of course no problem. It’s not like you’re immediately marked as spam when you have 59 percent text and 41 percent image. However, avoid structurally sending emails that only contain images. Prevention is better than cure! Knowing more? Check this article! As you can see, there are many things.

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 And Inspiring to consider when

Don’t forget to consider the different devices, browsers, and clients. Oh yes, and you also have different receivers. Where one person needs a larger and more legible font, you may convince the other recipient faster with a sleek design. Check carefully for your organization how you can best convey your message via e-mail and adjust your design accordingly. And to use the age-old cliché again keep testing!

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