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Under normal circumstances, tourists can buy tickets for the scenic. Spot through the official website of the scenic spot or the APP. The purchase of the tickets directly operated by the scenic. Spot is highly credible and the price is reasonable. Making it the first choice for Belgium Phone Number many tourists to buy tickets. However, with the development of the tourism e-commerce industry. Tickets for scenic spots gradually being intercepted by e-commerce, and the sales channels of tickets. For scenic spots divided into three parts. One is the OTA platform. Through the cooperation with the OTA e-commerce platform, the tickets sold by the OTA platform divided into the profit ratio of the scenic spot, or the profit difference earned from the tickets reward.

“Scalpers” are Belgium Phone Number Pervasive

Use this kind of cooperation. However, the life of Belgium Phone Number such officially authorized OTA platforms is actually not so easy. Due to too many industry giants, the platforms began to burn money. On a large scale to seize the market, and did not return to profit channels until this year. According to the content of the internal letter from the CEO of Tongcheng to employees recently posted. On the Internet, after 43 months of losses, Tongcheng finally ushered in a large-scale profit of 100 billion. Transaction volume and 500 million service person-times. Similarly, according to this year’s In the first quarterly report. Ctrip’s net profit attributable to shareholders was 82 million yuan, and it achieved profitability for three consecutive quarters.

travel ticketing Belgium Phone Number industry has a long history

However, even if it achieves profitability. The Belgium Phone Number OTA platform that gathers giants cannot escape the bad luck of being criticized by netizens. Due to the loopholes in the platform itself. The industry chaos it brings will not only bring adverse effects to itself, but also bring bad luck to the scenic spot. Little trouble. First of all, many travel ticketing platforms have bundled consumption. For example, when consumers buy air tickets, they do not notice unnecessary service items such as hotel coupons that are automatically checked. Consumers inadvertently spend more money than the ticket price. This passive choice service not only harms This will increase the consumer’s right of independent choice, cause unnecessary losses to consumers, and at the same time easily make the reputation of the ticketing platform decline.

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