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Have you assimilated thethat Google published recently? It’s time to see if the application of the advice provided has paid off! To check your blog’s positions in search results against keywords, you can use Allorank. It is indeed an online service, free, which allows you to know how you are placed on words or expressions in the pages of Google search results. All you have to do is fill in the address of your blog, and the keyword for which you want to know the positioning.  Allorank will then query six of Google’s data servers and return your blog’s position on that keyword.

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If you make the same request several days, Allorank keeps in memory the previous Romania Phone Number results and offers you a graph summarizing the progress. All the keywords you searched for are also remembered, so you can indulge in interesting comparisons. Another very practical feature: Allorank offers you the most frequent searches associated with your keywords, the geographical distribution and the strongest progress in searches over the last 12 months.

The Various Platforms Offer More Tools

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In the same genre, Positeo is also a good service, but it will not offer as many features. The interest of using this type of tool, not compared to a manual search. Where you type your keywords into Google yourself? The results provided will most certainly be distorted by. Google’s personalization (there is a good chance that your blog will come up a little too high in the results, since you consult it often), and will only be based on a single data server. Do not hesitate to test Allorank. The platforms are all looking to attract content creators and influencers. They need them to fill their feeds. Brands are looking for influencers to promote their products or services. Collaborations with influencers have become an increasingly common marketing lever. And there is more and more competition to attract the services of influencers.

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