Toutiao Digs Iran Phone Number

Toutiao is not necessarily the most aggressive Internet company at the moment. Also, but certainly the most poaching platform. “Wei Toutiao” continues. Also, to Iran Phone Number attract celebrities and entrepreneurs to settle in, and distributes a large amount of traffic to the. Also, homepage, shaking Weibo’s most valuable big V resource. In May of this year, it was revealed that “Volcano Live” poached “Kaishou First Brother” MC Tianyou with a settlement fee of 20 million. It revealed at the end. Also, of August that “Wukong Questions and Answers” signed more than 300 Zhihu Vs, and it said that the extra. Also, money given more than 200,000 a year. .

Zhihu Has Ideas Iran Phone Number

High-paying poaching can indeed leave a. Also, large amount of advertising fees. The confidence of today’s headlines lies in the generous income Iran Phone Number of. Also, information flow advertising and the valuation of all the way. Under the joint strangulation of many information. Also, terminals and browsers, the increasingly powerful headlines have become completely evil with Weibo; and the. Also, Q&A products that have been incubated for nearly a year have also been recommended by the homepage. Wukong’s Q&A has received a lot of likes and comments, and the passion for making headlines is awakened. Obviously, the battle between Toutiao and Zhihu has just begun, and the “mutual learning” and product improvement of these two products are also very interesting.

They Are All “Mediocre” Iran Phone Number

Iran Phone Number List
Iran Phone Number List

The two logics are very different. Can products from different circles be able to compete? Today’s Toutiao started from grass-roots self-media traffic Iran Phone Number dividends. Until the beginning of 2017, Toutiao’s products greatly revised. Before placing “Follow” in “Recommended” on. Also, the homepage, it gradually took off the hat of low content. Although Zhang Yiming firmly believes that the algorithm. Also, is unbiased, people’s attention follows the “big V” and the object of interest, which is far more. Also, efficient than machine recommendation. (The home page on the left shows that it is actually “Following” instead of “Recommending”, and the traffic recommendation of Wukong Q&A has been increased on the homepage) However, Zhihu was initially positioned at Zhihu version.

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